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The  Advantages of this well devised system:

  1. The automatic cleaning of all types of ring Dies.
  2. Fully automatic cleaning process
  3. No chemical additives necessary
  4. No need to heat up the water

Structure of the Cleaning unit:

  • The Main frame:
    The frame is made in an craftsmanlike high quality of square steel tubes. The frame is galvanized, and covered with cross bended galvanived plates iron. The frame is mounted with anti vibration pads.
  • The cleaning chamber:
    The cleaning chamber is made of 1,5 mm stainless steel sheets, and mounted with replaceable guard plates for 1300 bar. The chamber is covered with a sound-absorbing material.
  • The Door sytem:
    The sliding door can be opened and closed by an electical worm gear,mounted with a safety  slide coupling. The sliding door is locked by a pneumatic system. The door have a double rubber thightening.
  • Tablesystem:
    The tabletop is mounted on a vertical carrying axle ,mounted on a bearing housing with two conical roller bearings. The tabletop is turned by an electrical DC – gear motor. The tabletop have a adjusteble pneumatic brake.                                                A Gantry crane can be used to place the Die on the Tabletop, as the cleaningchamber is open in the top and front side, when the sliding door is open. The Die have to be fixed in the center of the tabletop  by a trible center adjustment.
  • Elevator / Nozzletube system:
    The up and down movement are driven by an electrical DC – spindlemotor
    The Nozzletube is mounted on a slide. The slide is driven by an inverter regulated motor. The tightening of nozzletube to the cleaning chamber is made as a double brush tightening
  • Control unit:       
    The cleaning unit is fully automatic action by a PLC controller with a special developed program.


The Cleaning Unit can be mounted on a horizontal stabil floor, and special foundation is not necessary . The Cleaning Unit have to be adjusted in level by the adjustable anti vibrations pads.


  • Length 3500 mm excl  electrical main box
  • Width  1650 mm
  • Height  2200 mm
  • Tabletop diameter 1150 mm
  • el – main box closed   300 mm
  • el – main box opened 1000 mm
  • Weight  1950 Kg

    Consumption of power   0,75 Kw
    External pressure air        7 Bar

    All types of ring Dies, can be cleaned by HPJC 21, by the following limits of the Die.
  • Outside diameter 1500 mm maximum
  • Inside diameter 1050 mm maximum.
  • Inside diameter   350 mm minimum
  • Width       500 mm maximum
  • Weight of the Die 1500 Kg
    Supplied with  special tools, The HPJC 21 can clean flat Dies, in an half automatic action.

Programming of the Die data:

  • Select shape of the Die ( ring die or flat die )
  • Numbers of holes
  • Numbers of rows
  • Distance between the rows
  • Distance to the first row
  • Cleaning time / hole maximum.

Cleaning operation:
 Nozzletube adjusting;

  • Nozzeltube adjusted in position by a number button on the operator pane
    The nozzletube is mounted on a trolly witch is driven by an inverter regulated AC-motor
  • The nozzletube adjusted straight for a row, by the arrow buttons on  the operator panel
  • The sensor adjusted (manuel)

Start the cleaning operation:

  1. Switch MAN / AUTO  ( turn to auto )
  2. Push start botton  ( sliding door close)
  3. Pneumatic lock is activated
  4. Pneumatic lock is locked and the pump starts 
  5. Cleaning pressurebotton  activated
  6. Cleaning pressure  OK and the table starts the rotation.
  7. The sensor activated by a cleaned hole, the rotation
  8. The table turns 370 degrees, and the elevator goes to the next row
  9. The last row is cleaned up, pressure off, pump stops, pneumatic lock off to open position, and sliding door goes to open position 30 sec. delayed.
  10. The Die is ready for inspections and afterworking

One High Pressure Unit with the data as described in the specifications, is needed for the optimal funktioning of the CLEANING HPJC 21 UNIT installation.


The Unit is covered by a world wide patent owned by
Operational license to be given.