O&J Højtryk A/S
Ørnevej 1
DK-6705 Esbjerg Ø
CVR.: 73 66 86 11

Front Desk:

Phone: +45 75 14 22 55

Fax: +45 82 28 91 41

mail: info@noSpamoj-hojtryk.dk


O&J HØJTRYK A/S endeavours to be a powerful, vigorous and energetic company. With our customers needs and the immediate environment as our point of departure, we want to be a trendsetter in our core area of business - Mechanical Engineering - Re-working of Dies and Rollers for the manufacture of Feedstuffs and Biopellets, as well as the sale and delivery of wearing parts in connection with Roller Re-working - as well as to remain open to new initiatives and business opportunities.

O&J HØJTRYK A/S has drawn up a strategy plan setting out guidelines for how we as an organisation must conduct and develop ourselves in order to make our mark, not just in the present, but also in the future.

O&J HØJTRYK A/S must achieve success by adapting to the conditions of the market more quickly and efficiently than our competitors. As a service organisation we must, in relation to our customers, attach great importance to our own vitality and efficiency by constantly living up to the ever-growing demands made on the services we provide.


O&J HØJTRYK A/S has strengthened the Marketposition by taking over Sole Agency for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden of all wearparts including new Dies and Rollers manufactured by SALMATEC GMBH, DE-Salzhausen.

The intensified co-operation between O&J HØJTRYK A/S and SALMATEC GMBH to be seen as result of satisfactory businessrelationship over the past years.

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