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Die Refurbisment - Pellet Production

Feed Pellets
Bio Heating Pellets / Wood Pellets
O&J Højtryk A/S is the leading European Company - giving reconditioning services from our plant in Denmark to clients in i.e. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Germany, Poland and Denmark.

O&J Højtryk A/S also manufature and selling such machineries for the Exportmarkets world wide.

The Benefits Die Refurbishment

Increases life of pelleting equipment
Increases thrughput
Significant reduces power usage
A complete Die refurbishment consist of:



Preparing the pelleting face for countersinking.


The fullautomated countersinking unit utilises the latest technology to control the angle and depth of holes to higest tolerances ensuring total consistency.


High Pressure Water Jetting

The automated high pressure water jet unblocks the dies and prepares the surface for the next stage.


The countersinking of the holes hereafter are shining, plain and slippery without burrers at top and buttom, which is decisive for a optimized inlet.